Soft contact lenses, perfect fitted contact lenses requires customized approach!

Nobody is average en that's the reason you can choose for a custom made soft contact lens which is ordered using the unique topography of your eyes. This lens is a soft three month disposable contact lens which is made of a material that is very accurate produced and fitted. These kind of lenses creates an optimal comfort and eye sight. The prescription range for Indivisual lenses are much wider than the most available lenses so called semi-custom-made contact lenses.   

Treatment of  keratoconus

Keratoconus is primarily treated with contact lenses because glasses cannot to visually correct the irregular form of the cornea. Mr. Kim Chung is highly experienced in treating keratoconus patients.
How to treat keratoconus

Hybrid contact lenses  are contact lenses that are designed through a lot of researches using advanced technology. This type of lenses combines the razor sharpness of a rigid gas permeable contact lens which is positioned inside a soft contact lens. So the user of this type of lens can have the comfort of a soft lens while the patient can have vision he/she  is a using a gas permeable contact lens while having comfort for the whole day! And because the lens design causes the bounding of the lens to vault over the cornea there’s almost no risk of causing scarring of the cornea. This fact makes that the hybrid lens is a healthy alternative for keratoconus treatment. Furthermore, the soft verge of hybrid lenses let the lens position itself over the visual axis inconsiderately where the cone is positioned and also regardless to the size of the cone. By that the lens geometry can decrease visual distortions and sustain much better vision compared to other types of RGP or soft contact lenses. Other advantage of the hybrid design is that the lens won’t fall out  suddenly.      

Piggyback Lenses are RGP’s and soft lenses that are worn at the same time. In some cases, this approach may be more successful than soft or RGP lenses alone, but because of the complexities of handling and care, possible eye health problems due to the decrease in oxygen able to move to the cornea through both lenses, and difficulty with lens centration, success rates are marginal.

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