Eye measurement procedure

Comprehensive eye and vision examination

A comprehensive eye and vision examination is not merely determining eye refraction!


  • overall health history that may affect your vision, e.g. medications and diabetes


  • determine current spectacle prescription if available including center distance of the spectacle lenses
  • determine visual acuity with and without prescription
  • determine visual acuity with current spectacle prescription
  • determine pupillary distance 
  • measuring intraocular pressure
  • objective refraction using auto refractometer 
  • monocular refraction using phoropter including astigmatism, myopia and hyperopia determination 
  • binocular refraction using a trial frame 
  • determination of presbyopia

Ocular Motility

  • strabismus tests (including amblyopia “lazy eye”) 
  • stereopsis tests
  • eye teaming tests
  • colour tests
  • relative contrast determination

Eye Health Evaluation

  • examination of the anterior chamber
  • pupillary reflex
  • extraocular muscle function
  • macroscopic examination
  • retinal examination

Plan and Recommendation

  • explanation of findings
  • explanation available options based on findings
  • recommendation spectacle glasses and/or contact lenses
  • referral to ophthalmologist if necessary
  • education of good eye care

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