Sustainability at Bonocchio

At Bonocchio, sustainability of the environment is one of our corporate prime focus. We firmly believe that the well-being of all living creatures, human, animals and plants all alike is fundamental.

Every small step taken to preserve sustainability contributes to the betterment of the world.

The environment

Minimal use of paper in our daily operation, with the ultimate target of attaining paper free operation in the near future, replacing all our written correspondence to suppliers/customers with e-mails. As a matter of fact most of our customers prefer electronic invoices. Everyone is eager!

We have abstained ourselves from using plastic bags since inception in 2008 and have been using non-woven bags instead.

Saving energy by the use of led lighting as well as regular maintenance of our central heating boiler.

The health of the people

Accurate and precise eye measurements to identify any possible eye problems ahead and to refer our clients to ophthalmologists for further medical treatment when necessary.

Employing new inventions and technologies in the area of myopia control to restraint myopia so as to prevent or alleviate possible eye defections, such as retinal defects and glaucoma.
We try to control myopia by ways of prescribing special contact and spectacle lenses.

Free eye measurings provided for senior citizens with limited mobility at retirement homes.


You as well can contribute by donating old spectacles which are you no longer use to our shop. We will send them to organisations with volunteer opticians, who travel to developing countries to give away free spectacle glasses. The spectacle lenses with prescriptions are donated and made by the lens manufacturers.

The donated spectacle frames are refurbished as much as possible in order to make usable again. In this way the old optical frames get a chance to live a second life. Most importantly, those who are not able to afford eyeglasses are now able to see well again!

Our products

Sustainable products means to cooperate with our partners with the goal to build a greener world! We are endlessly trying to identify partners who invest themselves into producing optical products made out of sustainable materials.

Optical frames and sunglasses made with recycled marine plastic

Sea2see designs and produces optical frames and sunglasses in Italy. Materials are entirely made out of plastic waste which is found in the see by local fishermen from Spain, France and West- Africa. Sea2See is a leading example when it comes down to the use of plastic within optical frames and sunglasses. Their goal is to help the end users become more aware that plastic waste can be reused to fabricate sustainable premium products.

Optical frames and sunglasses made of biodegradable cotton acetate

Optical frames and sunglasses made of biodegradable cotton acetate

Monkeyglasses® produces optical frames and sunglasses which are made out of cotton acetate. It is a special type of plastic in which 95% is made out of cotton from flowers and wood pulp.
The material is biodegradable. The metal frames are made of recyclable stainless steel.

All spectacle frames and sunglasses are handmade. Even the eyewear cases are taken into account- the eyewear cases of Monkeyglasses® are made out of recycled paper and those from Sea2See are made of cork.