MiYoSmart® Myopia Control Lens

Hoya Vision will launch spectacle lenses some time in 2021 which named MiyoSmart® in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

This is an innovative spectacle lens for myopia control invented by Hoya Vision and the users’ surveys are conducted by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Based on a two-year clinical trial results, MiyoSmart® is proven to curb myopia progression by up to 60% and halt myopia progression by 21.5% with its award-winning D.I.M.S. (Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segments) technology. Ortho-k contact lenses show better slowdown percentage, but for especially people who are not suitable for wearing ortho-k lenses, MiYoSmart® is seen to be a good solution.

A soon as the MiYoSmart® is available in the Netherlands, the updated news will be published on our website.


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